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Mechanical Systems

HEB Group has a wealth of experience across many site types, as well as different levels of maintenance requirement. Large mechanical air handling systems require maintenance visits by law. However, to max out the life expectancy and ensure optimum performance capacity, there’s a whole checklist of maintenance tips that Maintenance Managers could adopt, in order to reap the full benefits of their plant mechanical system.

Prolonged use of mechanical systems means that debris can accumulate and get trapped in various parts of the unit. Many mechanical AHU systems should receive regular filter changes, but this is not to be mistaken as a full clean.  As well as keeping your mechanical system clean. Key internal mechanical components also wear out or off set over time, if left unchecked these issues can develop into breakdowns as well as an increased energy bill.

When valve placement is off set, your mechanical system maybe giving off heating and cooling at the same time. When cooling coils are covered in dirt and dust, increased static air pressure causes an energy drain on the fan mechanism, from pulling the air though forcefully. Regular minor mechanical checks will detect faults like these and nipping issues in the bud.

Prevent mechanical system failures with a proactive approach via a major maintenance visits, by having your mechanical assets maintained every year when the weather is at it’s mildest; after the warmest days and before the cold sets in. By doing so, this allows for plenty of time for repair work should a fault be discovered, also it is done and out of the way before the mechanical system is needed on a full scale for colder times.

HEB Group offer tailored service packages for clients in industrial, commercial, retail and public sector. Contact us to find out how we can tailor our maintenance services for your premises.

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